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This was something I wrote for my english class, I have a bunch of short stories and stuff like that so I figured I'd post a few

Logan and his company

Jack, the fighter pilot, Rex, the bodyguard, Tim, the bartender, Remington, the butler, and Logan, the bystander. The company came to see Logan often in the mental hospital. This was just like any other day they have came together. The same dusty room, the same egg white couches, the same barred windows, the same people, in the same spots, and Logan, presenting the same topic. Current events. 

The same topic he always wanted to talk about, he wanted to know what was going on outside of the hospital, and, as usual, the company avoided the topic and wanted to play a simple board game. The same thing happening every week. 

Logan had enough of it. Jack telling the same war stories, Rex speaking of the same club, Tim talking about the same drinks, and Remington, talking about his time in England again. The same stories, again, as if they were trying to torture him. Nothing interesting ever happens in the mental hospital to him, ever, except the interaction with his company. He has started to dread it, the same stories, the same conversations, the same games, the same stories, the same conversations, the same games, the same stories, the same conversations, the same games. Over and over. Again and again. On and On. He had enough. Logan began, “Why? Why do you torment me so? Again, the same, always, why? I have been stuck in here for too long! I am fine! I do not understand why I am here, yet you all continue to tease me.” As Logan walked around the room in distress, the company continued with their normal acts. “Do you even hear me? Are you mocking me? Why?”. Logan’s voice continued to raize. “Nurses, please, I know you can hear me, help me!” The nurses through the window did nothing, and continued to observe. Logan stared at them in disbelief. They simply stood there.

 Logan turned around, and saw Jack walk towards him. He began to speak, “The g-force was tremendous. Just incredible, I had never had such an interesting flight!” Logan was shocked. It was an excerpt from the same story he always told. “I have heard this so many times, has nothing I’ve said gotten to you?!” Rex began to speak about his stories, as if Logan had never once heard them. “Being a bodyguard was quite an interesting job, you see…” “No, no, no, no, NO! Have you heard nothing?!” Tim and Remington, looked at him in disbelief. Tim and Remington began their stories simultaneously. “The complexity of the art of drink mixing…”, “England is such a wonderful place…” 

Logan gripped his hair. Before he knew it, all were telling their stories at once. Logan closed his eyes for a moment, and upon opening them, saw Jack, the fighter pilot, Rex, the bodyguard, Tim, the bartender, and Remington, the butler, standing directly in front of him, continuing their stories. Logan jumped back from shock. “What are you all doing!?” They all put their hands on him and drove him to the ground. Logan tried to resist but couldn’t. The nurses ran in. As one nurse ran up she exclaimed “Logan, Logan, watch me Logan.” He stared at her with discontent. The nurse ran behind his company, and then slowly started to walk towards them. “Watch out, there’s something wrong with them! They are not their usual selves, hurry, get out!” The nurse continued to walk towards them. As she got very close to them, she continued to walk, as if she couldn’t see them. She then took another step, to Logans astonishment, straight through his company. She was standing within them, then, the company vanished before his eyes. Logan began to calm himself. “Where did they all go?” The nurse replied, “Your company never existed.” Logan looked at her with immense shock. “What do you mean?!” “They were all in your head, figments of your imagination, and it appears they have finally left you. You always talked about how you didn’t know why you were in this psychiatric hospital, well, that was why.” Logan stood up. “They”, he studdard. “They were never, real?” “Yes Logan, do you remember now?” She led him to a nearby screen and showed him a video of himself, moments before, talking to no one, yelling at no one, and being driven to the ground, by no one. “It was all me? It was, all me.” “Yes logan, now if you follow me, I will take you to the debriefing room, and we will get you back to society as soon as possible.” Logan hesitated a moment, then followed her. 

After a few days more of therapy and debriefing, Logan, for the first time in more than 3 years, stepped back into the real world. Logan may have been able to move on, but that is not so much true for all involved. We now move back to the nurse who helped him to leave in the end.

“Why do you all request so much to torment one?” The nurse turned to the company, whom in their entirety, Jack, the fighter pilot, Rex, the bodyguard, Tim, the bartender, and Remington, the butler, stood, looking back at the nurse. 


United States


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